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The Technology

Through interactive renderings in the flagship product, Relativity Explorer, Departure is confirming that organizational trees are exhibiting fractal behavior...and what's crucial is that zooming and 3D rotation enable one to visually interrogate all the levels ...potentially endlessly, depending no how much information is entered ...e.g. branches look just like the main tree and are just attachments to it...and secondary branches have secondary branches of their own...and so on...and so on...

The "wisdom" derived is the ability to navigate the complex, and potentially deep, family relationships indefinitely...just starting from "data" in the form of a list and facts about them (...easily articulated on the "atomic" level as input).

The extended trees really justify the 3D since arbitrary movement in 3D helps see where the lines connect. Realize also that the next critical function is an incremental navigation ability whereby you click on the end of a connection in the current scope and it will route you to the other end of the line and put that item in scope...and show your tracking in the global view. This paradigm also has general benefits for other applications of this technology (e.g. hyper dimensional web browsing).

"Departure Technologies moves you from data to wisdom faster than ever possible"


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