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Origins and Motivations

Why do we still use our computers in the same way we did when the graphical user interface (GUI) was first introduced in 1984?

Initially, processor power prohibited anything beyond a two dimensional presentation and interaction but, nearly two decades later, we remain locked in this state, greatly underutilizing dramatically accelerated processing rates. The answer might lie in complacency or in comfort levels but regardless of cause, we are limiting technological and economic growth if we resist the progression to the next level of user interfaces.

Humans, by the nature of how we see and interact with our world, aren't intuitively drawn toward the traditional process of using devices; whether they be computing or entertainment.

Departure Technologies is taking steps toward breaking traditional computer to machine interactivity methods. By looking at a seemingly simple software application for organizing family tree structures, Departure Technologies introduces a fresh and timely interaction process.

"Departure Technologies moves you from data to wisdom faster than ever possible"


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