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Beta Releases

Relativity Explorer for Genealogy

Recognizing that extended family relationships are inherently complex, yet something with which we are all familiar, Relativity Explorer was chosen to be Departure's initial flagship application.

This light-weight, yet very powerful, software tool allows you to visualize and interactively explore your extended family tree resulting from a simple text file that contains a list of your family members (and other optional information you may know about them).

Most contemporary genealogy renderers depict ancestor branches or descendant branches only. Diagramming the two branches simultaneously and, even more challenging, including depictions of in-law relationships and their respective trees and branches in the same diagram, has proven to be impossible to render in a quickly understandable way, if at all, by conventional tools.

Departure Technology's Relativity Explorer enables you to easily perceive your genealogy and to visually "drill down" into all the details of the branches. In addition, an unlimited number of photographs and images can be included with each "leaf" in the tree representing a family member. This kind of exploration enables genealogy researchers, novice and professional, to gain new insights into family relationships, both present and past.

User Guide and Screenshots

Download Relativity Explorer

Your donations are appreciated to support further development. As a token of our appreciation, in addition to the rich program itself, donating during these early stages of development will give you a lifetime free license to further enhancements as they are developed.

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