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Departure Technologies         New Approaches to Information Interactivity
Why Interactivity Must Change...

• Current models and approaches are stalled

• Computing power is ready for the next leap in human interactivity

Departure is all about lifting the constraint earlier impeding full software development creativity. We no longer care much about being processor bound since the rate at which processor speed increases far exceeds the rate at which new software innovations emerge.

This disparity is due in large part to developers being overly concerned about how "slow" applications would execute. This is no longer an issue, as we are now much past the knee in the exponential curve governed by Moore's Law.

We must, therefore, DEPART from earlier constrained thinking and engage in innovations that enhance the human-machine experience and which are better mated with human curiosity and the generation of wisdom. Such innovations will thusly consume processor speed at much greater levels, as gigahertz are becoming as commonplace as water...

"Departure Technologies moves you from data to wisdom faster than ever possible"


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